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Prompt Update

Thought you guys might like to know where I’m at with the prompts. I’ve finished seven and the ones remaining are:

  1. Dick/Damian being domestic (about a third of the way complete)
  2. Jack Sparrow! or drunk Dick/Tim/and/or Jason
  3. Joker makes a video of Jason’s death and it survives the explosion (this one is ripping my soul apart, just so you’re all aware)
  4. Continuation of the Invitation, the morning after with Tim and Damian
  5. De-aged Jason is found by Cass and is a complete troll to Damian
  6. Protective/Possessive!Jason doesn’t like Dick hugging Tim (this is warring with my personal headcanon of Jason but I’ll figure it out)

Plus an extra from an Anon request made AGES ago ;^; I’m so sorry that one is taking forever!

Filed under i haven't forgotten you guys! I will finish all of them! hopefully in time for my 300 followers goal 8D then i'll open them up again to celebrate