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Jason stress-bakes.

*adding to this* But with like, really awful skill, like he makes a complete mess when he bakes and there is just flour and little puddles of milk and melted butter all over the place and the batfam doesn’t understand how everything can taste so good when the kitchen looks like a disastrous battleground between all the contents of the pantry when he’s done.

Not to mention Jason subscribes fully to the idea of “I cooked, you clean.” Which makes the actual merit of his muffins the most argued point in the family.

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A/N: Sorry I haven’t been around lately! School is going to be extremely time consuming this semester, and I’ll also be working full time.  Here’s a consolation drabble for sticking with me, and as a welcome to new followers! I’ll also be posting a DickTim drabble that is almost finished pretty soon. Those of you wondering, I’m halfway done with the next installment of Dewey Courtship, I seem to be getting questions about that again, so FYI for you. ^_^

Anyway! Here is some G-rated JayTim fun! Can be shippy or not, works either way. Enjoy!


It wasn’t often that Jason crashed at Tim’s apartment, but in recent months, they’d grown to develop a bit of a silent appreciation for each other that satisfied their more basic needs of shelter and food.  Tim paid the electric, heating, and water; Jason filled the fridge.  There’d been a horridly Robin-appropriate argument about that last part the first couple times Tim had come home to find nothing but beer, Pepsi, and Fritos stocking his shelves, with the occasional pack of fruit snacks here and there. Apparently Jason’s preferred grocery shopping destination was the check out aisle of the local liquor mart.

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I downloaded the entire Teen Titans series a couple months back and I’m finally getting around to watching it past season two for the first time, and since we saw that preview for the new show coming out soon, with Beast Boy saying he thinks Red X is Jason Todd, I can’t stop thinking of this Red X in season three as Jason, and it’s killing meeeeeee

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Summary: Tim needs to test a theory, and Dick is the unknowing target of the experiment.

Pairing: DickTim

Rating: R

Warning: I’m putting it out there now so no one can say I didn’t warn them. This plotline is kind of cracktastic and I’m sorry if I traumatize you.  It’s been floating around in my head for more than a month and I finally had to just write it.  But there’s porn and I know 95% of you can’t resist that pull SO COME ENJOY SOME DICKTIM! 8DD I promise the next thing I post will be JasonTim, but this should tide you over for a bit.




He was doing it again.


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Beautiful Reasons

Soooo, first off:


You are precious and will always be a Robin no matter what the evil demons at DC say.

Second, I saw THIS headcanon from cleromancy the other day in the jaytim tag and couldn’t stop myself from writing it, I hope that was okay!!!

Enjoy! (this is unedited so when I get a chance I’ll go back through and make corrections)


The first time it happened, Tim nearly had a heart attack from the shock.  They hadn’t been dating long, still somewhat on a trial and error sort of basis—after all, with all their history, even they had reservations over whether they’d work out together—and Tim was relatively irritated because they had a date planned for tonight, and Jason was covered in oil and grime from working on his bike and guns when they were meant to already be driving.

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Glitter and Misunderstandings


I’m sorry this took so long, I’ve been stupidly busy these past couple weeks with school and work.  I was going to write something completely different but then I was inspired by THIS gorgeous picture by Ailea and had to run with it (every time she draws them like that, I get ideas for Hoodlum!verse). This is actually the first of two parts but I didn’t want to wait to post it so you’ll have to wait a bit for the second part.

I hope you like it, bb!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 And Happy Birthdayyyyyy!!!!



Tim’s eyes flicked to the side to see Jason’s expression reflected in the mirror, an amusing mix up of both judgment and approval.  Opting to ignore the statement, he turned his attention back to his eyes, smoothly drawing a razor sharp line of deep blue eyeliner across the edge of one eyelid, tweaking the corner up on the outside, down on the inside, to create an exotic tilt that would androgenize his face more fully.

“I mean, not that I’m complaining, because the view is A-grade material, but again?”

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softnerd asked: Older!Damian/Jason plz? :3 somethin kinky

Todd never went easy on him, outright rough most times, but then again, Damian would never want him otherwise because then he would have no reason to put up his thin façade of protest, acting like having Jason’s hands on him, his mouth, teeth just biting into him, his neck, his shoulder, the villainous sting of a knife edge occasionally being dragged along his spine, the burning of his wrists from the too-tightly bound ropes—like none of that was something he actually wanted, dreamt of, practically craved.

There was a testing slap to the sixteen-year-old’s ass that made his entire body quiver; turned over on his stomach, hands twisted together and locked to the headboard with cuffs, legs spread and bound at the ankles to either of the bedposts, Damian was backed up over Jason’s thighs, large hands massaging his ass, digging nails into the soft skin, and damn it, he was being played with!

“Todd, you had better—ahn!” Damian gritted his teeth, burying his face into the pillow when a hard slap landed right above his balls, and shit, there was strength put behind that one, and a low whine was forced out of him when the older man squeezed hard on the sensitive skin, pulling reddened cheeks apart and pressing the tips of both thumbs just inside Damian’s hole.

“I don’t think I remember saying you could speak,” Jason murmured, smirking at the way Damian’s muscles clenched unconsciously at the intrusion of his fingers, trying to drag them in further, and Jason obliged the teen, stretching his thumbs to the side and twisting his hands to slide his slickened index fingers alongside them before continuing, “unless you had plans on using that mouth to beg for me.”

Damian squirmed, biting into the fabric and working his hips back onto the teasing digits, yanking at his bindings because he couldn’t quite get far enough to reach where he wanted, and another whine erupted from him when Jason started rocking and circling his hands inside, and absolutely without permission, Damian pleaded on a throaty whimper, “Jason, please!”

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Twelfth Prompt

kestral said: hmm jack sparrow! or…. drunk Dick/tim/and/or Jason ? XD

Ummm, so you’ll have to forgive me for this one but I may have just written a complete crack fic. You tell me. 8D;;;


Tim didn’t care what anyone said.  Dick and Jason did the absolute best Will Turner and Jack Sparrow impressions of anyone he’d ever met.  Of course, that was possibly the alcohol in Tim’s system screwing with his better judgment.  It could also be the alcohol in Dick and Jason’s systems making them better actors.


Or it might just be a bizarre mixture from all of the above.


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拖了很久终于画完了。XDD jason穿越到YJ成为ROY的拍档,弥补一下YJ中没有jason的遗憾。根据最新的YJ,也许应该让ROY手里抱着他女儿?顿时想起了MGS4中的 raiden最初有一个设计是背着女儿潜入,如果婴儿哭闹就会被敌人发现,既视感啊!!!

Oh my lord, this is beautiful! *______*


拖了很久终于画完了。XDD jason穿越到YJ成为ROY的拍档,弥补一下YJ中没有jason的遗憾。根据最新的YJ,也许应该让ROY手里抱着他女儿?顿时想起了MGS4中的 raiden最初有一个设计是背着女儿潜入,如果婴儿哭闹就会被敌人发现,既视感啊!!!

Oh my lord, this is beautiful! *______*

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Tenth Prompt

Sorry this took a while! It’s short but sweet!

For those of you who haven’t read my fic, The Invitation, it is a porny foursome of the male Robins and you can find it HERE. Enjoy!


The ceiling was unfamiliar.

Dazed, Damian woke up slower than usual, thrown by the combination of comfort and disorientation.  He was warm, burrowed into cushions and fluffy sheets and snug up against an as yet unidentified heat source.  Body not moving, his eyes slid to the French doors that were cracked just the slightest, a soft, midmorning breeze rustling in through pale green curtains.

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