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Gangster Drabbles for masteroftherebels


Verse: Gangster
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating: PG13 
: masteroftherebels because it’s her birthday! Happy, happy birthday to you!

  1. “Jay, let’s go to Hawaii.”
  2. “Of course you’d be in love with the psychopath.”
  3. “Let’s elope.” Jason blinks when Tim bursts out, determined and proud. “I want us to elope. Let’s get married, Jason.”
  4. “If I were to draw you like anything it’d be as a really mean koala.”
  5. “You’ve been in his bedroom.” Lex leans forward on his elbows, irritated gleam in his eye. Tim groans, glares.

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I seriously just, I love you, I don’t think you understand.  I ADORE THIS PIECES, especially the last three drabbles HOMG  Tim as a mean koala XD XD XD what a perfect picture, and I love him being all clingy, and then the carrying and the I love never having to look for him because he’s there and just the EVERYTHING I’M SERIOUSLY JUST IN LOVE HERE.

Hearts you are ssooooooooo amazing thank you so much!!! I love you for this

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Would some please write me a story!!!!



About Damian being introduced to chicken nuggets for the first time????

“This is neither a chicken nor a nugget. What is this mockery of the word?”

Dick sighs.

“It’s a chicken mcnugget. And it’s  delicious.”

“It’s horrifying. What is it-“

“You don’t want to know.” Tim interrupts, side-eyeing the giant bag of McDonald’s food. “I think I can feel my arteries clogging.  How did you get that in the house?”

“I have my ways.” Dick says with an air of faux-mystery.

“Alfred is going to kill you.” Tim starts edging away from the fast-food like it’s going to grow legs and eat him. Considering the chemicals added- it just might.

“It is shaped like human legs.” Damian observes, closing the lid of the container. “Are you attempting to make me a cannibal? I thought the point of this was to help me fit in with society.”

Dick rubs his forehead.

“Damian. It is not made of people. It’s just shaped that way because- just eat it.”

Damian turns to Tim, wondering if this is some sort of trick. When he gets no sign of it being so from the teen he turns back to the bag.

“I think I would prefer to not fit in.”

“Damian it’s not going to kill you.”

“Today.” Tim tacks on to Dick’s sentence, ignoring the exasperated glare he gets in response. “Look- for once I’m on Damian’s side. As iconic as the golden arches are- I really don’t think this is the best thing for him. You’ve seen Super Size Me twice, Dick. Actually three times if you count the time Bruce saw it with us- do not inflict that upon Damian. No one deserves that.”

“That’s enough.”

Dick stands up, glaring- all Batman. Tim backs away and Damian sits up straighter. He turns to Damian, flipping the container open, eyes narrowed.

“Damian.  These are chicken mcnuggets. They are the greatest thing to ever be created, next to cereal. They are a modern convenience and an experience every child should have. Now. You will eat these chicken mcnuggets and you will enjoy it like the ten year old you are. Am I understood?”

what even

omg i’m sorry i don’t even know






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