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Secret Santa fic for Teal: Tablespoons


Merry Christmas, Teal! Thanks for the amazing year and all the wonderful conversations. You’ve not only been my friend but also a good educator on some things that I haven’t really considered or thought about. Thank you for being inspiring and wonderfully refreshing. I hope you enjoy this, and I’m sorry if it s a tad late, I haven’t had net in a few hours but Merry Christmas all the same.

I was going to name this Tealspoons but you have to patent one first, bb.

Title: Tablespoons
Character/s: Damian Wayne, Colin Wilkes, Bruce Wayne, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson
Pairing/s: Colin/Damian, Bruce/Jason, Dick/Tim
Notes/Warnings: Fluff, light sexual content, kisses and cuddles, Jason Todd
Summary: It’s there, hidden between glances and kevlar. Between the sweetness of sugar and the cold steel of a gun. Between bright touch and sleek thought. Halfway. A quarter. The distance of affection is not easily measured.

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This. THIS. It’s just completely, I don’t really have good words to describe it, but it is so sweet and perfect, and you are amazing at grasping their characters. The way all of them interact with each other is wonderful, and the situations between all of them are inspired. This is so beautiful, I love it.

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