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Assessing the Competition

Another (very) short anon ask box fic I made, this time for Heartslogos!


"It’s sad, really, that all it takes to bring you down is a tiny shard of glowy green rock.  I’d actually feel bad for you if it weren’t working completely in my favor right now."

Kon’s growl of anger came out more as a whimpering groan, and only served to feed the growing smirk on Jason’s face.  “You…bastard!  I’ll…” Kon fell forward, gripping his torso in agony as Jason toed the Kryptonite a bit closer.
“You’ll…what, exactly?  Whine at me from your spot on the ground? I think I’ll live, though you’re voice is really irritating.  No idea how the replacement tolerates it.”
“I’ll never,” Kon’s body seized, and his teeth ground together for a moment.  Panting, he spat out, “I’ll never let you hurt Tim.” Jason’s surprised bark of laughter broke through the pain for half a second.
“Hurt him? Oh no, I’m here for something much better than that.” Jason crouched beside the meta, fisting a small handful of hair and yanking the clone’s head up with a vicious grin.  “Of course, only after he asks me for it.  Can’t have people saying I forced him.  No, he’ll come to me of his own free will in due time.  And when that happens? I plan to take him.  In every sense of the word.” He shoved Superboy’s face back to the ground and made a show of wiping his hand off on his leg.
“This,” he gestured to the meta’s prone position.  “This is just insurance that my primary competition doesn’t get in the way.” Kon couldn’t see which way the AWOL vigilante took off, but he did hear his laughter echoing in the alley as his vision went black.

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Silent Nights

This was originally an anon ask box fic I gave to tealgeezus a while back and I decided now might be a good time for it to be posted, to help soothe the ache of the angst I just put up.

This is Bruce/Jason, though it’s pretty much just fluff, and I’m sure I can make you like it regardless of the pairing but, hey, to each their own.



Master Bruce was tossing in his sleep again.  Alfred observed quietly from the doorway as his charge’s mind tormented him, even in slumber.  It was not an irregular occurrence, but such a thing made it no less upsetting.  With a soft sigh, the butler turned, ready to go retrieve a glass of water and pain pills for the headache the man was sure to have upon waking.

When he was only a few feet down the hall, a soft, yet distinct click resonated in the silence, enough to give him pause.  Ears reaching for even the barest rustle, he finally picked up the unmistakable sound of feet touching down quietly on the wood flooring.  Alfred hardly breathed as he awaited Bruce’s sure awakening to deal with the intruder, but nothing came.
A deep frown marred his normally congenial features.  It was one thing to make it past the advanced security systems.  That could be chalked up to pure luck—amazing, once-in-a-lifetime luck, but luck nonetheless.  But to have the type of presence to not alert Master Bruce’s subconscious safeguards was nothing short of impossible, save for a single handful of people.
Carefully moving back towards the bedroom, Alfred mused briefly, Perhaps Master Richard is playing a prank.  More unusual things had happened in the manor.  Silent as a shadow, Alfred crept to the edge of the doorframe.  Breath held at the base of his throat, he peered around the corner, only to receive a startling shock.
Metallic red glinted sharply in the moonlight as gloved hands lifted it from a frighteningly familiar head.  Alfred tensed, watching Jason hesitate before setting the helmet on the empty nightstand.  When Bruce still didn’t wake up, the gravity in the room seemed to intensify around him as a focal point, but he continued to sleep fitfully beneath Jason’s frowning gaze.  Alfred was ready to spring when Jason reached forward, but he stopped himself when the young man only lightly grazed his fingertips across the sleeping man’s brow, brushing sweat-damp strands from his forehead.
Curious, Alfred watched as the former Robin knelt gently beside the bed, fingers delicately tracing over the deep furrow of Bruce’s eyebrows until it slowly began to lessen and smooth out.  The butler continued to observe in mute wonder as Master Bruce’s breathing steadied peacefully.
With a world-weary sigh of relief, Bruce rolled over to his stomach in his sleep, arm flopping over to close on top of Jason’s other hand.  Alfred stifled his amused smile at the way the young man stiffened, and his task was made even more difficult when Jason attempted to pull away and Bruce’s grip tightened immediately, drawing the redhead’s hand so far into him that it was tucked beneath his chest.
Jason looked absolutely mortified by the unexpected turn of events, and after a few minutes of strategic tugs and twists, he slumped against the mattress with an aggravated sigh of defeat.  Instead of fighting it any longer, Jason instead resumed his contemplative gazing at his former mentor.
Face lifting happily, Alfred turned away and proceeded down the hall.  Perhaps Master Jason would not be there in the morning, but there was hope for the next night.

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