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I can’t sleep because I’m freaking out about spiders so here is number three for Ava’s fluffy times!! This is a Bruce/Tim! Forgive me for out of characterness. I clearly don’t write Bruce enough. Fluff kink for this one is:

I like it when one of the partners, the one who isn’t usually too romantic, suddenly does something very sweet like bringing flowers or taking them on a lovely date or something


Gotham was just downright dreary and gross tonight.  And considering it was nearly four in the morning and Red Robin’s uniform had digressed from “100% Waterproof!” to lies, material absolutely sodden with dirty rainwater, one might say Tim didn’t even possess the ability to see it any other way.  Not to mention he was bone-weary and exhausted.  What it was about thundering rainstorms that brought out all the crazies, Tim would never know. 

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