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A/N: Sorry I haven’t been around lately! School is going to be extremely time consuming this semester, and I’ll also be working full time.  Here’s a consolation drabble for sticking with me, and as a welcome to new followers! I’ll also be posting a DickTim drabble that is almost finished pretty soon. Those of you wondering, I’m halfway done with the next installment of Dewey Courtship, I seem to be getting questions about that again, so FYI for you. ^_^

Anyway! Here is some G-rated JayTim fun! Can be shippy or not, works either way. Enjoy!


It wasn’t often that Jason crashed at Tim’s apartment, but in recent months, they’d grown to develop a bit of a silent appreciation for each other that satisfied their more basic needs of shelter and food.  Tim paid the electric, heating, and water; Jason filled the fridge.  There’d been a horridly Robin-appropriate argument about that last part the first couple times Tim had come home to find nothing but beer, Pepsi, and Fritos stocking his shelves, with the occasional pack of fruit snacks here and there. Apparently Jason’s preferred grocery shopping destination was the check out aisle of the local liquor mart.

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“If he opens this door- will he be able to keep everything else out while letting Dick in?”

SO I’m out of drive to write actual coherent stories for now but I thought I would tell you the headcanon I had for this little line you wrote.


In fact, it’s sweet and completely adorable and it’s about de-aged Tim being afraid of the monster in his closet.

(interrupting this submission to say- AJDKLF;JSD DE-AGED TIM JASDLFJDKSLJ, okay please continue)

Unable to cope with Tim’s extremely curious child ways and grabby hands in his lab, Bruce asks Dick to keep him at his apartment so he can come up with an antidote without having to worry about something even more dangerous crashing down on little Timmy’s head. Dick, of course, is MORE than okay with this plan, and whisks Tim away.

Tim gets to stay in the spare bedroom, and because he’s Tim even when he’s little, he locks the windows and bedroom door at night, just to be safe. Dick isn’t really concerned because he knows he’ll be able to bust in if anything terrible happens, but then he starts to hear whimpering at night and so he knocks on Tim’s door, calling out to see if he’s okay.

Tim says that there’s a monster in his closet and he’s afraid. Dick asks him to unlock the door but Tim refuses because he’s scared if he gets out of bed, the monster will get him.

So Dick hatches a master plan and he gets into the building’s ceiling (because it’s a crappy building, they have removable plaster tile ceilings) and makes his way over Tim’s closet to get inside.  Once there, he calls out to Tim.

Tim is so shocked to hear Dick’s voice coming from the closet that he doesn’t even think about getting out of bed and going over to it.  He stops before opening it, and asks Dick if he’s okay.

Dick says he’s fine and that he banished the monster, but Tim is worried and doesn’t completely believe him.  When Dick tells him to open the door to let him into the bedroom, Tim wonders, “if he opens this door- will he be able to keep everything else out while letting Dick in?”

He finally plucks up the courage and whips the door open, only to find Dick grinning at him happily and swooping down to pick him up and congratulate him for being such a brave boy.

Tim was never afraid of closet monsters after that.

How the hell did you turn that angst-filled line into one full of fluff and squee’s and adorable goodness?




*screeeeeeeeeching noises of happiness*

LOL my goal is to make my way through that list and transform all of your angsty lines and scenes into total fluff.  I WILL BATTLE THIS ANGST WITH ALL OF MY ABILITY.

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Oh my god, what did I just write?  Apparently my brain is just on crack this week.

Taken from heartslogos’ Dick/Tim drabbles and made into something super weird.  Italics are from her drabble, regular is me.


There is something strange in the way that Dick keeps tripping over nothing whenever Tim’s back is turned.

On a completely unrelated tangent it’s very peculiar that Jason keeps dropping things and asking Tim to pick them up.

In fact, it was all so bizarre, that Tim found himself actively seeking advice from the very last person he’d ever think he’d go to.  Which is exactly why he found himself in the kitchen, helping Damian prepare the add-ins for Cassoulet, this week’s challenge by Alfred to infuse some sense of culinary aptitude into his charges.  Unfortunately, this attempted cooperation with Damian soon topped Tim’s list of greatest regrets, as when he mentioned these two strange occurrences, Damian responded with—

“It’s because your rear has been nauseatingly perky as of late,” Damian stated bluntly, scowling as he ran the peeler in a perfect circle around the potato, cleaning it of all the skin at once.  Tim nearly sliced his own finger off with the paring knife he’d been using, face going utterly hot in embarrassment and unable to do anything more than stammer dumbly when Damian added condescendingly, “I insisted that you had finally invested yourself enough to do something about your hideous unattractiveness and gotten implants, but Grayson seems to think that’s not the case.  He seemed troubled by the suggestion.”

“Oh my god.” Tim had to push the knife away from himself before he decided to do something drastic, like stab himself in the jugular, make it a quick ending to this humiliation.  Damian only continued driving the point home with a merciless unawareness.

“Todd says it’s because you’ve been incorporating more squats into your exercise regimen.” Damian frowned, pausing to glare at a particularly odd looking potato that escaped from his grasp in the water.  “But the manner in which he demonstrated a squat implied something much different than the normal kind.  I’m not entirely certain why he had to spread his legs quite that far apart.”

“Jesus Christ.” Tim was seriously reconsidering his life choices at the moment.  “For the love of god, stop talking.”

Damian raised an eyebrow, taking in the distressed body language of his predecessor.  “I don’t know what’s making you so freaked out.” He snorted, tossing aside his peeler in favor of a large carving knife and proceeding to dice the vegetables into small pieces.  “Your physique was a disgrace to the family name.  It’s about time you put forth some effort.  Even if you did cheat with surgical means.”

“I did not get—!” Tim cut himself off, taking a few desperate, calming breaths before his hands came up in an imploring gesture.  “I’m begging you here, Damian.  Please, just drop it.”

Damian’s –tt- of disdain was punctuated by a particularly vicious slice.  “You’re the one who brought it up in the first place.  If you didn’t wish to converse, you shouldn’t have said anything at all.  That’s basic common sense.”

Tim ignored the immense desire to retaliate, instead attempting to use the silence to relax his suddenly very frazzled nerves.  Picking up the knife once more, he reached for another carrot.

“I still think you resorted to plastics.”

His smirking little brother easily dodged the knife Tim threw his way.

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Summary: Tim needs to test a theory, and Dick is the unknowing target of the experiment.

Pairing: DickTim

Rating: R

Warning: I’m putting it out there now so no one can say I didn’t warn them. This plotline is kind of cracktastic and I’m sorry if I traumatize you.  It’s been floating around in my head for more than a month and I finally had to just write it.  But there’s porn and I know 95% of you can’t resist that pull SO COME ENJOY SOME DICKTIM! 8DD I promise the next thing I post will be JasonTim, but this should tide you over for a bit.




He was doing it again.


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Title: Detective
Verse: Amnesia
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating: PG13
masteroftherebels who wanted more, even though it made her heart break :c
Snippet: There is something Tim had to do- something he wanted to do.

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It’s gonna kill me waiting for the fallout, oh my gosh, and Jason! What will Jason think!??! *dies*

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I can’t sleep because I’m freaking out about spiders so here is number three for Ava’s fluffy times!! This is a Bruce/Tim! Forgive me for out of characterness. I clearly don’t write Bruce enough. Fluff kink for this one is:

I like it when one of the partners, the one who isn’t usually too romantic, suddenly does something very sweet like bringing flowers or taking them on a lovely date or something


Gotham was just downright dreary and gross tonight.  And considering it was nearly four in the morning and Red Robin’s uniform had digressed from “100% Waterproof!” to lies, material absolutely sodden with dirty rainwater, one might say Tim didn’t even possess the ability to see it any other way.  Not to mention he was bone-weary and exhausted.  What it was about thundering rainstorms that brought out all the crazies, Tim would never know. 

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Number Two for Ava’s fluffy kinks!  This time it’s Ra’s/Tim!

When one of the partners has a deeper kind of voice, I really love it when they talk. So like, I’d love it when the partners are in bed and he’s siting up and leaning against the headboard and he reads to his lover who is lying down with their head on his lap. And he reads until the other falls asleep and stuff.


The last thing Tim could remember was staggering across the dunes in the dead of night until he managed to reach the pathetic little hidey-hole he’d scoped out the week previous.  Upon sight of it, his knees gave way beneath him, and he collapsed to the ground, a soft cry of pain jolting mercilessly through his side, radiating outward from the stab wound right beneath his ribs.  It was deep.  If he was lucky, he’d die quietly in his sleep after he slipped into unconsciousness.  If he wasn’t, well…


Tim didn’t want to think about that.


Dragging himself through the sand, he pulled his weakening body into the crevice, well aware that he’d left a trail of blood behind him, but unable to care.  With a terrible sigh, he finally allowed his eyes to shut, darkness claiming his mind for herself and whisking him away into dreams.


When he came to, however many hours, days, forever later, the first thing he took note of was that he came to at all.  He wasn’t dead, that much he knew, going by the pain that was still wracking his body, but how?  There was a thick, memorable scent in the air around him, not unpleasant, but sudden awareness of his lack of costume and mask made his body tense reflexively.


“Rest, Detective,” a low voice murmured, a warm hand settling on the nape of his neck to keep him in place.  “You’ve been through quite an ordeal.” Tim’s body calmed almost immediately at the soothing voice, familiar in many ways, and he was able to place the scent as one he’d immersed himself in before on several occasions.


“Ra’s,” Tim breathed, eyes finally focusing, and he tilted his head into the pressure when the man drew his fingers through Tim’s hair.  “How…?”


“Prudence found you with the tracker in your communicator.  She has already gone, but asked me to deliver a message to you.” There was an odd click in Ra’s’ voice that made Tim’s lips twitch into a ghost of a smirk, the man’s disapproval of the young woman’s brusque personality obvious.  “It was far too uncouth to repeat though.” Tim started to laugh, but caught himself, wincing as pain lanced through him.  The hand in his hair stilled until Tim was able to regulate his breathing and relax once more, his head falling back to where it had been resting against the older man’s thigh.


“I will tell you that she says the two of you are even now.  I suspect you’ll understand what that means?” The amused tone made Tim smile, and he shut his eyes, shifting to press his nose into the soft material of Ra’s’ pant leg, breathing in deeply of the comforting smell, warm and spicy.


“Yeah.  I guess I’ll just have to save her again to put the tables back where I like them.” Tim curled his fingers into the fabric of sheets, imagining his body sinking further into the king bed until all his pain disappeared. 


Ra’s resumed stroking a hand through his hair as he spoke quietly, the lilting rumble of his voice echoing pleasantly in Tim’s chest.  “You must rest, Timothy, regain your strength.” The bedding shifted, and Tim heard the distinct sound of pages in a book being flipped.  “I was just about to begin reading Scheherazade’s tale of The Wolf and the Fox.  It is one of my favorites.  I will read aloud.”


Tim understood very little Arabic, but it made no difference, because Ra’s’ flowing intonation and words washed over Tim’s conscious, deep and calming, lulling him into a light doze that he stubbornly fought until he could no more, and simply sank away into blissful oblivion.

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For Ava bby! I wanted to make you fluff to help you get through your crazy school this week, so here is the first one! 8D yep, the first, there’s going to be a few more with different pairings.  They’ll be short and sweet, about 500 words each.

First up is Clark/Tim, combined with one of the fluff kinks you gave me where you said:

I really, really like it when the couple is in bed and they cuddle and kiss and nuzzle and are all touchy-feely, even if it doesn’t turn sexual


If someone had told Tim five years ago that he would be spending his winter nights huddled up in bed under three extra flannels while the Man of Steel curled around him like an over-sized heating blanket with a heartbeat, he probably would have suggested you be committed for your delusions.  However, in Tim’s defense, Superman was purportedly straight and married to the wonderful Lois Lane back at the time, so how was he to know that Clark was actually an equal opportunist and Lois too much of an independent woman to be tied down for very long?

Well, regardless of the circumstances then, Clark Kent was most definitely all Tim’s now, a fact to which he had a bit of an awestruck epiphany about nearly every day.  He was pretty sure Dick was still jealous, even if he’d learned to hide it over the years.  Batman hadn’t been terribly pleased, but Superman was his best friend, and if he was being honest and not petty, Bruce had nothing bad to say about the coupling.  Overall, Tim was ridiculously happy, to an extreme that he never could have imagined given his track record.

“What are you thinking about?” A stubbled cheek nuzzled up against his jaw, making him realize that he’d been grinning at the empty space of the bedroom.  Large hands drew him further into the rock solid chest, molding their bodies together as Clark threw a leg over his thigh to surround him more.

The action made Tim’s smile grow, and he turned his head to the side to lean his nose against a soft cheek, lips pursing to press a chaste kiss on the corner of a warm mouth.  “Not much.  Just how happy I am.”

Clark caught his lips with a dopey grin, tongue barely peaking out to tease at the seam of Tim’s mouth before he drew back.  “I’d say ‘not much’ is a bit of an understatement.” Tim couldn’t resist the contagious smile, and he allowed Clark to maneuver him until Clark was on his back with Tim sprawled overtop of his body.

The difference in their sizes was a little preposterous if Tim thought about it too much, but at twenty-four and having been in this relationship for going on three years, he didn’t terribly care about appearances anymore.  He slid his palms up Clark’s chest until he could cup a strong jawline and mesh their mouths firmly together, knees gripping in response about a broad waist when Clark mumbled his name happily into the kiss.

Clark’s hands kneaded over Tim’s back, flattening out to run gently over firm buttocks, down to massage his fingers into muscular thighs, and then back up again, arms enveloping the smaller body as their kiss ended with shared smiles.  Foreheads resting against each other, noses brushing lightly, Clark whispered with a grin, “Bet I’m happier than you right now.”

Tim licked his lips and pressed another sweet kiss to welcoming lips, eyes nearly sparkling in the dim light of the morning sun coming through the window.

“Not possible.”

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Beautiful Reasons

Soooo, first off:


You are precious and will always be a Robin no matter what the evil demons at DC say.

Second, I saw THIS headcanon from cleromancy the other day in the jaytim tag and couldn’t stop myself from writing it, I hope that was okay!!!

Enjoy! (this is unedited so when I get a chance I’ll go back through and make corrections)


The first time it happened, Tim nearly had a heart attack from the shock.  They hadn’t been dating long, still somewhat on a trial and error sort of basis—after all, with all their history, even they had reservations over whether they’d work out together—and Tim was relatively irritated because they had a date planned for tonight, and Jason was covered in oil and grime from working on his bike and guns when they were meant to already be driving.

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To celebrate reaching 700 followers on my Batman RP Blog, I’ve decided to host a giveaway for a Robin II Deluxe Collectors Box Set. The Robin featured is Tim Drake. 

Now for the rules!!

  • Reblog for an entry; 1 reblog = 1 entry, up to 3 entries. If I find out you’re dual accounting to get more entries, you’re disqualified.
  • Likes do not count
  • You don’t have to be following me to enter.
  • Contest ends July 26th. 
  • Winner must have an open askbox and be willing to provide address.
  • I will ship to anywhere.
  • Failure to respond to my ask within 24 hours from the initial send-time will result in a forfeit. Sorry.
  • Winner will be decided using a random number generator.

Please direct any questions to my askbox!


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To celebrate reaching 700 followers on my Batman RP Blog, I’ve decided to host a giveaway for a Robin II Deluxe Collectors Box Set. The Robin featured is Tim Drake. 

Now for the rules!!

  • Reblog for an entry; 1 reblog = 1 entry, up to 3 entries. If I find out you’re dual accounting to get more entries, you’re disqualified.
  • Likes do not count
  • You don’t have to be following me to enter.
  • Contest ends July 26th. 
  • Winner must have an open askbox and be willing to provide address.
  • I will ship to anywhere.
  • Failure to respond to my ask within 24 hours from the initial send-time will result in a forfeit. Sorry.
  • Winner will be decided using a random number generator.

Please direct any questions to my askbox!


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Glitter and Misunderstandings


I’m sorry this took so long, I’ve been stupidly busy these past couple weeks with school and work.  I was going to write something completely different but then I was inspired by THIS gorgeous picture by Ailea and had to run with it (every time she draws them like that, I get ideas for Hoodlum!verse). This is actually the first of two parts but I didn’t want to wait to post it so you’ll have to wait a bit for the second part.

I hope you like it, bb!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 And Happy Birthdayyyyyy!!!!



Tim’s eyes flicked to the side to see Jason’s expression reflected in the mirror, an amusing mix up of both judgment and approval.  Opting to ignore the statement, he turned his attention back to his eyes, smoothly drawing a razor sharp line of deep blue eyeliner across the edge of one eyelid, tweaking the corner up on the outside, down on the inside, to create an exotic tilt that would androgenize his face more fully.

“I mean, not that I’m complaining, because the view is A-grade material, but again?”

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This situation was never one Tim could have ever accounted for when he’d first met Damian seven years ago, but here they were anyway; while Dick was waiting one room over for them to come back from using the bathroom so they could finish their movie, Tim was on his knees, hands braced on strong thighs while Damian leaned back against the bathroom wall, licking his lips and eyes smoldering down at Tim as he fucked his way slowly, languidly down the older male’s throat.

It was a power trip for the teen, absolutely, and Tim knew how much Damian reveled in being above him, dominant, and he couldn’t help but to oblige the desire, moaning softly when one of Damian’s fingers slipped in beside his cock, pulling Tim’s mouth wider and sliding in just a bit deeper, a strong hand in his hair tugging to bring him closer in, and Tim’s lips flexed around the thick length as he worked his way closer to the base.

Tim never moved when they did this, no, everything was left up to Damian’s full control, setting the pace, how deep, how long Tim had to go without air, they had a well-developed system; fingers against his throat meant suck harder, a strong pull of hair meant get ready for something deeper, a thumb drawn across his eyebrow meant softer, lick it, kiss, love, and both hands on the back of his head meant Damian wanted to feel his throat convulse, wanted him gagging for it.

Then there was, oh, there, that, the harsh grip on the top of his head and the thumb nail digging into his collarbone, and Tim hummed deliberately, causing Damian to stutter a groan, his hips jerking forward until Tim’s nose met the soft hair above his dick for half a moment before he pulled out just in time to shoot, taking Tim by surprise when the left side of his face was striped with cum, his eye squinting shut when it spread thickly over his brow and dripped down into his eyelashes.

Damian hissed, heady pleasure swirling through him as he pumped himself lazily, pushing the head of his cock against Tim’s cheek and sliding it through the fluid, spreading it out evenly, marking, claiming, and Tim’s one open eye glared up at him for the lack of warning, which only made him smirk and stroke a finger through a thick glob and smear it across Tim’s lips, hooking a finger on the back of white teeth before pressing down on Tim’s tongue, opening him up to push the head of his softening dick back in again, and when Tim started to suck once more, still glaring, he said, “You’re not fooling anyone with that face, I know you love it, Drake.”

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winterysomnium asked: Would DickTim be okay? If not, JayTim?

I love ALL pairings (with the one exception of Steph/Damian) so yes, DickTim is just fine. ;D (p.s. commas are awesome)

The heavy pulse of music pounded through the club, a jumpstart to their hearts every time they took a breath, and hidden away in the back hallway, broken light fixtures on the ceiling to conceal them in darkness, Tim clawed blunt fingernails into Dick’s shoulders, one large hand hiking his thigh higher up Dick’s strong waist.

Dick groaned, a throaty sound that he muffled against Tim’s sweat-slick neck, while Tim used his leg as leverage to ride into the older man, the dull bite of pain from the barrier of jeans between them not nearly enough to deter either of them, and he couldn’t stop, encouraged further with “Tim, Tim,” and sloppy, open-mouthed kisses along a sensitive jaw that earned him an approving moan.

They were supposed to be following up on a potential drug bust tonight; the cops making it were bad news, had made plans to keep the take and sell it themselves but they’d miscalculated, hadn’t anticipated that the drugs would be filtered through the air system, and now both of their bodies hummed with desire, need, a burning craving that singed through their veins and fuck, Dick’s hands spasmed and tried to drag Tim further into himself, meld him to his skin and never part.

Tim’s hands gripped at Dick’s face, yanked him up for a desperate, almost painful kiss, tongues sliding wetly, the intense want making them salivate for the taste of each other, and Tim could have cried with frustration as he bit and licked and tried everything in his power to practically insinuate himself onto Dick’s person, only to find it wasn’t enough, every roll of their hips together was too light, the slide of heated erections wasn’t nearly hot enough, too little friction, he couldn’t get enough of is tongue into Dick’s mouth and enough of Dick’s into his, and god, why weren’t they just together?

“Dick, Dick it’s not, I can’t,” Tim whined, pressing their cheeks together roughly and riding Dick’s thigh even harder, and Dick knew, he understood, it wasn’t quite enough, and he didn’t even bother trying to stop himself from slipping his hands down the back of Tim’s pants, squeezing hot flesh, dipping his fingers further down and pressing, pressing, in, and yes, gods, yes, finally, and Tim’s scream was lost in the music.

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