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I think I just had a mental crisis because i just went crazy and deleted every story I’ve ever posted to the internet OFF OF THE INTERNET (with the obvious exceptions of things I’ve posted here on tumblr).  Which, can I mention, 47 stories. That was a HUUUUGGEEE amount of words and time.  And the reviews!  About 85% of those fics had at least 100 reviews on them, if not more (Everdust had like, 573, for only five chapters!!!).  I can’t wait for the complaints to start rolling in. =_=

But I guess this is just my way of wiping my slate clean and embracing a new fandom. Naruto was very good to me, and I ended up being a lot more popular than I could have ever dreamed of when I first started, but I’ve essentially lost all inspiration for those characters. I love all of my ongoing story concepts but I simply don’t love the characters enough to bring myself to force something out. And I feel like forcing something out based on a feeling of obligation is much more of an insult to the heart of the fandom, than calling it quits and throwing in the flag. My Naruto muse is gone, and my DC muse is slowly gaining speed and taking over.

C’est la vie.

Mm, I dunno, I feel like I should be depressed about the loss of all of this, but I guess I’m just more like, meh. Whatever. Augh, I bet all the little pre-teeny boppers are gonna rage at me. I can see it now: “You’re so selfish! How could you do this to me??” “You’re such a bitch.” “Like, my life is totes ruined now, i hope ur happy!”

LOL actually, now I’m looking forward to that. I can’t wait to be all, “I am under no obligation to hammer out stories for all of you preteen perverts.  There is only one preteen that owns me and that is


-end post- 8D

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