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Master Post of Fics

Here is my masterlist that I will periodically update on tumblr. 8D I’ve tried to keep it nicely organized with summaries and such, so it’ll be easier to sift through. If you’d prefer, I also have an account on AO3 you can use, though it’s not as complete as this one.  Enjoy!

Red Hood and Hoodlum!verse (wherein Tim is Jason’s sidekick, with guns and stuff. Pairing is ultimately Jason/Tim. Listed in Reading Order)

  • Ropes and Torture: Follow up to Fishnets and Vengeance, Tim goes to the manor to collect something that Dick stole.  Rated T.

Ava’s Feel Good Fluffs (based off her fluff kinks, various pairings)

  • Happiness: ClarkTim, established relationship, rated T
  • Relaxation: Ra’sTim, established relationship, rated G

Titus!verse (No official pairing. Listed in Reading Order)

  • Bathtime Woes: In which Damian and Dick try to give Titus a bath. Rated G.
  • Color Catastrophes: Dick had big plans, but of course, he should have known better than to expect them to go well. Rated G.

Neme’s Pit!Verse (also known as the verse in which I ruined everything ;_; )

  • Perspective: Jason and Tim fall into their past. Damian observes. Rated T, pairing Jason/Tim
  • Savior: Damian recalls the emotional upheaval of his past lives. Rated T, pairing Dick/Damian, Jason/Tim

No Pairing Fics

  • Shitty Days: Damian wakes up not where he expected. Rated T, no pairings
  • Ask Box Prompt: Dick, Tim, and Jason, plus alcohol, plus Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Ask Box Prompt: Family reactions to de-aged Dick (tiniest possible hint of dD, easily ignored)

Pairing: Jason/Tim, in all forms, brothers, relationship, etc.

  • Despite Everything: Tim could never deny Jason, even with the world against them. Rated R, for sexual content
  • Chronic: Jason pays Tim a visit at school. Rated T, pre-slash
  • Grappling Lessons: A wrestling match devolves into…well… Rated R, for sexual themes.
  • Blacking Out: Tim learns that alcohol can be dangerous. Rated R, for sexual content.
  • Baby Daddy: Jason has a surprise for Tim. Rated G, pre-slash. (also known as that one baby!fic I failed at)
  • Typical Day: Jason taunts Damian. Tim approves. Rated T, for language and innuendo.
  • Raw Estrus: Jason is hit by sex pollen. Tim is caught off guard. Rated R, for sexual content.
  • Slow Dancing: Tim has a terrible day and Jason is there to comfort him. Rated NC-17, for sexual content. Established relationship.
  • Synchronicity: Jason has a beautiful moment, or so he thinks. Rated T, gift for drabblemyster.
  • The Bodyguard: Jason is the new bodyguard for Tim, the heir of Drake Industries. Rated NC17, for sexual content.
  • Miscommunication: Jason and Tim try to communicate, for better or worse. Rated R, for sexual themes
  • Ensnared: Sometimes their relationship is difficult, but it’s always worth it. Rated T.
  • Beautiful Reasons: Jason has a pet name for him that Tim was not prepared for. Rated G.
  • A Dewey Courtship: Tim is a library assistant. Jason is a troublemaker. And they don’t exactly hit it off well. Rated R, for language and violence (so far). Part One, Part Two, Part Three,

Pairing: Dick/Damian, in all forms, brothers, relationship, etc.

  • I’ll Do My Best: Damian struggles with Dick’s mortality. Rated G, brothers, can be viewed as pre-slash.
  • Where Would You Go: Colin asks a question. Damian refuses to answer. Rated G, brothers, can be viewed as pre-slash.
  • Fall With Me: Damian has a bad day. Dick cheers him up. Rated G, brothers, can be viewed as pre-slash.
  • Touch: Damian doesn’t get along with his family. Though perhaps there is one exception to the rule. Rated T, for language. WIP. Pairing is pre-slash, so can be viewed as strong brother relationship
  • Reprieve: Dick’s thoughts on Damian’s scars. Rated G, brothers.
  • Caving In: Dick comes upon an interesting sight in the cave. Rated NC17, for sexual content.
  • Tropical Aggression: Dick is being stubborn, so Damian and Tim team up to make him admit he’s wrong.  Rated T, pre-slash and brief kissing.
  • Throw It To The Wolves: Damian gets is revenge for being dragged to the party in the best way possible. Rated T, for kissing

Pairing: Dick/Tim, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • Conditioned: Tim has a theory to test, Dick is the unsuspecting subject. Rated R, for sexual content (this is crack and I am sorry that I’m not sorry)

Pairing: Tim/Kon, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • Barefoot: Kon introduces Tim to relaxation. Rated G, established relationship.

Pairing: Jason/Damian, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • My Darling: Jason needed a female partner. Damian got the short straw. Rated T.

Pairing: Damian/Tim, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • Classically Inspired: Tim is Damian’s muse, and he strives to inspire him. Rated NC17, for sexual content. Pairing Damian/Tim.

Pairing: Jason/Dick, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • The Giggles: based on aionyu’s art, Jason finds Dick drunk at a Wayne gala. Rated T, for sexual themes. Pairing Jason/Dick.

Pairing: Bruce/Jason, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

Pairing: Damian/Colin, in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • Release: Colin has a thing for Damian in a suit. Rated NC17, for sexual content. Pairing Damian/Colin.

Pairing: Dick/Kori’andr (Starfire), in all forms, friends, relationship, etc.

  • Catnip: Tamaraneans are descended from cats. Rated T, for implied sexual themes. Pairing Dick/Kory.

Moresome fics (i.e. multiple people involved intimately)

  • The Invitation: Damian wants to join the fun. Rated NC17, for sexual content. Pairing Jason/Dick/Tim/Damian, as a foursome
  • Ask Box Prompt: A bit of all the Robins mixed together, follow-up to The Invitation
  • Regrets: Wherein Damian is righteously indignant and Tim is traumatized

Teen Wolf, possible Sterek (Derek/Stiles)

  • Chocolatey Goodness: Stiles really has to tell Scott something. Rate T, for implied sexual themes.


  • My Lover Is: Prose of on the thoughts of a lover. Rated T. No Pairing.

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